Prof. Dr. De Vogelaere Kristel
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Abdominale en obesitas chirurgie
Chirurgie abdominale et de l’obésité
Abdominal and obesity surgery
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My obese patients are my passion. They are whom I care about the most, before surgery but mainly after too. A close medical follow-up is a must for the success of a bariatric surgical intervention!
Obesity can no longer be kept taboo!


Obesity is an insidious disease that causes serious harm to the social life of my patients, within their families and within the most intimate circle of friends. It is painful reality that, as their doctor, I was repeatedly confronted with. That is why, apart from my practice as a surgeon, I spend more and more of my time to research ways and practice skills to improve the quality of life of my patients within their entourage.


'Looking good' makes you feel good! This is true for obese patients as it is for any other with a normal body weight. Aesthetic medicine can make a valuable contribution to the good look and is therefore one of the complementary skills I became familiar with. Having done this effort for my obese patients, not only they but any patient in general, can from now on consult me for such non-surgical facial treatment. These are all facial renovation treatments such as peeling, injection of BOTOX® or fills (on the cheeks, the mouth- furrows, wrinkles on the lips – or on the chin and jowls) followed by the anti-aging monitoring and treatment.


'Good food' makes you feel good too! Eating well is therefore as important for the well-being of my bariatric patients and their entourage. Mother on the stove for 3 of my own children, I love to cook, which inspired me to do something extra for my patients. Why should they not enjoy 'good food'? I started to create and select special kitchen recipes for my patients, their families and friends which are 'good food' and are simultaneously perfectly adapted to be consumed even after bariatric surgery. My first cookbook 'Good Food after weight loss surgery' was published in 2015 by Lannoo in Dutch as well as in English.


My goal is to undertake more and more similar initiatives and contribute as such to the improvement of my patients' quality of life. For their happiness is my real passion!”

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