Prof. Dr. De Vogelaere Kristel
Chirurg - Chirurgienne - Surgeon
RIZIV: 1-08471-72-140
Abdominale en obesitas chirurgie
Chirurgie abdominale et de l’obésité
Abdominal and obesity surgery
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“and… at your service”

“All sorts of abdominal diseases affect our health these days and too often only a surgical intervention can remedy the damage or prevent more. Overweight and obesity are equally more and more common diseases causing both physical as well as psychological troubles. When a conservative treatment cannot bring satisfaction, whether it is a diet or even a radical change of lifestyle, a slimming surgical operation might be required in some cases. If you face this kind of disease, whether you look for a pro-active or surgical treatment, not to forget the follow-up of the surgical intervention that you undergo, I am at your service for all, as I am a specialised and well-experienced surgeon in this matter.”

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